About the Lancer PTO

The PTO’s mission is to nurture all components of the learning environment at Mountain Brook Elementary by striving to enhance the education of children with additional opportunities for students, families, faculty, and staff to learn, socialize, communicate, and grow.

2020-2021 PTO Board

President: Hill Weathers

President Elect: Amy Moore

Treasurer: Stephanie Brown

Treasurer Elect: Ashley Seligson

Secretary: Kate Brinkley

VP Fund Development: Bridget Drennen

VP Events: Sumner Rives

VP Events Elect: Susannah Baker

VP Volunteers: Shannon Cooley

VP Communications: Kitty Brown

VP Technology: Lindsey Druhan

Parliamentarian: Mary Virginia Mandell

Lancer PTO Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs 2020-21

ALL IN- Bevell Worthen 
Boo Bash- Erica Neel and Caroline Henderson  
Book Fair- Missi Restrepo 
Carpool- Amanda Neuendorf
Directory- Key Hudson and Katie Brower
Expressions- Cami Myers
Grade Level Representatives- Liz Holley
Grandfriends Celebration- Maggie Baggett
Green/Environmental- Kaira Catenacci and Catherine White
Grounds Beautification- Ashley Parrish
Hospitality- Lora Rutherford and Angie Wood 
Kindergarten Orientation- Jessica Lane and Ellen Faust
Lancer Sponsor- Julia Doster and Mary Catherine Pritchett
Lancers on the Lawn- Tyler Novak and Katherine Davis
Library Media Center- Ashley Inscoe
Lost and Found- Kristen Graham
Music and Drama Programs- Ashley Seligson
Newcomers- Erin Teague and Elena Leonard 
Renaissance Festival- Ashley Seligson and Kate Brinkley
Room Moms- Julie Shea
Social Media Administration- Suzanne Perkins
Sportswear Sale- Peyton Russell and Tracy Strickland
Teacher Luncheons/ Teacher Appreciation- Bragan Petrey
Veteran’s Day- Missi Restrepo 
Village Living- Carla Ward
Vision Screening- Kelley Caine
Yearbook- Casey Moore
6th Grade Chairs- Kate Mather and Bethy Allen, Catherine White-Treasurer 
6th Grade Honors Day- Liz Holley and Emily Heide