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Mountain Brook City Schools Foundation 

The Foundation offers long-term assurance that our school system will provide the best education possible when other resources are limited.  Throughout the year, we rely upon the generous support of Mountain Brook families to cultivate this invaluable safety net for our schools.

A long-term initiative of the Foundation has been to help fund the school system’s expanding technology budget.  Having a robust technology infrastructure in place before the emergence of Covid-19 was instrumental in the school system’s ability to quickly transition to distance learning. 

We are all part of a team dedicated to keeping Mountain Brook Schools excellent, whether our students are learning from home or the classroom.  We are stronger together!


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All In Mountain Brook 

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ALL IN A MINUTE videos feature a different topic and are designed to be a brief introduction to an issue that affects our youth today. The idea behind these videos is that it only takes a minute to learn something new that might help our youth, our families and our community stay safe, happy and healthy. click on the topics below to watch the videos:

Stress and Anxiety

Underage Drinking

Device Monitoring

Importance of Sleep       

Information and Resources on Vaping


Mental Health

Teen Driving

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